April 1, 2020

#PleaseShare #FindADonorForAlex #AlexsKidneyChampions

Update: This week we started dialysis at CCMC. We have our own room and a great nurse. We had an extra day of dialysis yesterday because we were over our fluid restriction. Alex loves soup. Today we are doing his monthly labs. We have had two people reach out to us who are thinking about becoming a living donor. We are hopeful. We encourage everyone to get tested. Even if you are not a match for Alex, you could help us make a paired donation with a kidney swap. #FindaDonorForAlex #AlexsKidneyChampions #FindADonorForAlex #BeADonor #shareaspare #pleaseshare #AlportAwareness #AlportSyndrome #raregeneticdisease #ChronicKidneyDisease #CKD #ChronicIllness #EndStageRenalFailure #dialysis #kidneytransplantneeded #transplant #nationalkidneyfoundation

Join our Facebook Group: Alex’s Kidney Champions https://www.facebook.com/groups/211966216578499/

Follow us on IG: @AKidneyForAlex @adayinthislifebycrystal

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